March 29, 2009

inserting the busk - stud side

After inserting the loop side of the busk I laid the remaining busk panel pieces together and sewed them down the center front. I pressed the seam allowance open and pressed the top and bottom ends in.

Then I pinned the panel in place matching up the notches.

The busk section and the ribbon panel were sewn together from the top to bottom.

Just like I did when I inserted the loop half, I folded the seam allowances in, pressed them in place, and graded the seam allowance of the ribbon panel.

Once everything was tucked in place I stitched right next to the center front seam 1/16 from the edge. Then I laid the other half of the busk right up against that seam and marked where the studs would be.

From the inside I pushed the awl through the fabric at the chalk mark.

I took the stud side of the busk,

and carefully pushed each stud through the hole before moving on and making the next hole. I folded the facing over and stitched right next to the busk.

The, the same way I did with the loop half, I sewed 1/16 inch from the seam line to secure the busk facing in place. Then I sewed the top and bottom ends closed.

The two sides fit. Yea. 

I'm not all happy with the fact that the bottom pieces don't meet in a perfect point, but I'll have to live with it. My stomach is in a knot right now looking at it.


  1. Wow. This is very interesting as i learn how very involved this process is.

  2. Doesn't it just make you want to throw-up when you work so hard and one little thing just isn't as prefect as it should be? But the end product still looks great :)