March 26, 2009

busk fun

Before I insert the busk I need to make sure it's the right length. Since the finished length of the center front will be 9 inches I need to use an 8 inch busk. I could drive to Farthingales and buy one, or I could trim down the 9 inch one I used for the mock-up. An 8 inch busk is $1 cheaper than a 9 inch one, but I will spend $4 for gas. I'm for saving the $4 and learning something new. 

I cut the busk out of the mock-up and marked a half inch off each end.

Then I broke out the Wiss tin snips. Yea.

I trimmed off the ends and clipped the corners,

then smoothed the edges with a file.

As if using the tin snips wasn't already fun enough, I got to use Plasti Dip too. I've had this container of Plasti Dip sitting around, unopened, for years. It worked just like it's supposed to. I dipped the ends in a couple times.

And they look perfect. 

I feel super resourceful.


  1. You didn't have any problems at all? I've heard that busks are heavier and much harder to cut than boning...

  2. No problems at all. I had expected it to be more difficult, but it was actually easier to cut than boning.