March 31, 2009

strips for lacing

So close to being finished. I laid out the back pieces the way they would be when finished, coutil face down, coutil face up, satin face up.

Then I brought the bottom piece around and sewed the center back seam. The seam allowances were pressed and the ends folded in as they would be when finished.

The lacing strip was pinned to the ribbon panel matching the notches to the ribbon seams.

They were sewn together and the seam allowance was trimmed.

After everything was folded, pressed, and pinned in place I stitched 1/16 inch from the edge.

And sewed again 1/16 next to the seam connecting the ribbon panel.

It was as I was sewing the channels for the boning that I just about lost it. For some reason I'd get the about 1/3 of the way down the seam and the machine would start missing stitches. I sewed the same line at least four times, picked it out, and started again. Then I ran out of thread. As soon as I walked through the door at the shop I remembered they don't stock Guttermann thread, which I was using, but Mettler thread. Refusing to drive to another store, I took a look and there was a perfect color match. Whew. Back home I rethreaded the machine and everything was fine. Could the low thread level have been causing a change in tension and causing the skipped stitches? Any other thoughts as to why that was happening? Anyway, the finished half.

On to grommet pounding.


  1. I realize this is av very old post. But my guess as to why you had problems with the machine skipping stitches would be the needle.

    Dull, damaged, wrong type or wrong thikness of needle can cause that. If the new thread had another thikness than the old one,that would explain why you experienced a change.

    I like your blog.

  2. As the last person said, skipped stitches nearly always depends on the needle. Change the needle and rethread both threads, that should solve this problem.