March 11, 2009

the mock-up

The pattern was drafted based on the draped paper. I added a half-inch seam allowance to each piece and sewed the whole thing up. Here it is on, if you look closely you'll notice lots of pale, sloppy lines drawn on the fabric. I looked in the mirror and drew where changes need to be made. And no, I haven't inserted the busk backwards, these pictures were snapped in a mirror.

Even with the changes to the pattern this corset is still too long through the waist and the fabric is crushing under the bust. Part of the problem is the seam allowance that will be sewn up on the finished piece. But the other part is just that I'm short waisted. I'm not the only person who has dealt with this, look at this ribbon corset from the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands. Same crushing. Trimming the top edge down will solve this problem. To keep the corset balanced looking the bottom edge will be trimmed down a bit as well. Otherwise, I'm content with the fit. The back edges along the laces are parallel. Good. And I tested one side of the lacing strips continuing the angle of the top and bottom, the other straight across to see which I prefer. I'm keeping the angle.

Back to the drafting table.

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