March 7, 2010

pin cushion-to-be

I decided my road projects need to be less ambitious. A pin cushion should be something that I can complete by the time I return home. Here is everything needed packed in a Ziplock, snapped at the airport.

Actually, that's not everything. I also packed a Ziplock bag filled with clippings saved from every time I trimmed my hair. There's only one way to find out how well hair works as a pin cushion filling, right?


  1. I've never thought of using hair clippings that way. Let us know how it works!

  2. Is that a hunk of beeswax your needles are poked through?

    -Lily (who has been lurking)

  3. Be careful - they may confiscate your needles. Especially if they're hidden in an "odd" wood case like that.

  4. nir, I will definitely keep you posted as to how the hair works.

    Lily, there is beeswax (at the center top of the photo), but the needles are in the wooden bottle shapes case.

    Oh no, Erin! No you have me worried!

  5. I have read on other blogs about taking sewing projects on planes and I think it helps if you actually start the project before you leave and just bring one or two needles stuck into the fabric with thread through it already. Makes it look less intimidating!

    You never know how strict security might get - don't worry too much! If they do take your needles, they might sell little sewing kits in the airport gift shops after you've gone through security.

  6. According to the rules they have to let you take needles up to a certain length (I wouldn't try to get beading needles on). They flip out about most embroidery scissors though, so you'll need to take a pendant cutter or a seam ripper instead.

    At one point I sewed 28 buttons on a pair of spats during a plane trip, so I'm confidant you will get through ok. I always smile, say please/thank you, and don't complain when they want to search my bag (they always do now if I'm traveling with a corset...).

    Being polite and relaxed will get you through a lot, like the time when the airline printed my name wrong and it didn't match my ID. That one was a bit scary, but I stayed calm, apologized, and told them the truth and they let me through.

  7. Erin, that is a great tip, starting project so they can see what's going on. Good idea.

    valleyviolet, I brought a pair of thread nippers (That long black rectangle at the bottom of the bag.) and there was no problem. Whew!