March 27, 2010

sewing basket

I'm so close to having the 1925 corselet finished. So close. And when I went to make the garters the thread has gone missing. Poof! Obviously it was me that removed it from  the machine so I could work on another project, but I have no idea where I put it. Normally I move the thread and bobbin to another post on the top of the machine. But I must not have because it is not there. In the meantime, my sewing basket.

Isn't that just beautiful? I have a variety of storage for thread and sewing necessities, but a few years ago I decided I needed a small basket to carry embroidery supplies and bought this shaker box with a handle from Cabin Crafts TinSmith. When I ordered it I asked if it could be painted like a set of boxes from Mount Lebanon Shaker village. The craftsman, William Rickard, was so helpful and said yes even though it was not a style he normally offered. Now I have a little sewing basket that would make Coco Chanel proud. Plus, it doubles as a handbag now and then.

It may be a while until I get to those garters, I'll be traveling for a bit so they'll have to wait until I return. Maybe I'll stumble across the missing thread on my travels.


  1. That is quite possibly the prettiest sewing box I've ever seen! I just have a bog-standard folding box on legs, but nothing as amazing as that. Hope you find your thread soon! Xx

  2. Hello!! I woke up this morning and decided to create a new blog to get to know all of you bloggers that I've been reading for a while... I must say although I hadn't left a comment on your blog previously (I'm a bit shy...) I'm anxious to see how'll your project be... anxious!! I hope you don't mind me following you and your work...
    kisses from Georgina :)

  3. I read your blog from start to finish last night and now I am hooked! You have created such beautiful corsets and I am totally in awe of the natural talent you have for it! I so can't wait to see the corselet finished. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. Hello Mosquito and Alesha! How nice to have you reading! And Amy, I found the thread, I has taken it off the machine to use it for the back stitching at on the shoulder straps and left it in the basket with the other embroidery supplies. Thank goodness I opened the basket to to work on another project!

  5. That is just utterly beautiful.