March 3, 2010

needle case

I'm on the road. That means it's shark week! No, sorry, it means it's time for another salute to tools! Today's handy tool is a needle case. 

I saw this at a craft fair and snapped it up. I wish I could remember who the vendor was. But I did find the same case at Thread a Bead, and also at The Bead Trail. This does exactly what it's supposed to, holds your needles in a tidy way. Enough said.


  1. On the subject of equipment, I used your mighty tailor's ham post to make my own. It was hard work and extremely messy but I now have a fully functioning and rather attractive tailor's ham, so many thanks for that!! Have a good trip.

  2. I love it!! I'm so glad I my loose instructions helped! Yea tailor's hams!

  3. Oh I've been wanting this needle case too, you can buy it at Nehelenia Patterns as well.