March 24, 2010

attaching shoulder straps and finishing top edge

It took a bit of time to figure out the steps for attaching the shoulder straps and finishing the top edge, but I swear it's not as confusing as it sounds.

I marked the placement of the shoulder straps with twill tape when I did the fitting to test the different boning materials. Then I started by folding over the top edge of the corselet 1/2 inch. Once I had the straps made I pinned them in place. (To keep all theses steps as clear as possible I'll show only the back staps, but the process was exactly the same for the front.)

I flipped the loose end up and trimmed it level with the top edge of the corselet.

I unpinned the strap and tucked it underneath the folded top edge.

The straps were then basted in place. I sewed the folded edge along the top 1/8 inch from the fold and trimmed the excess.

I made a 2 inch wide bias strip and pinned it the front of the corselet along the top edge, face-to-face.

The bias was sewn to the corselet 3/8 inch from the top edge. After pressing the trim, I folding the it over and pinned it in place. I stitched once again from the right side 1/8 inch from where I had just sewn.

The straps were hanging down, or toward the bottom of the corselet, during all of this. Now I flipped the strap up into it's proper position and back stitched to secure it to the top of the corselet.

A view from the right side.

And a view from the front of the corsetlet.

Yea. Not so complicated, just fiddly. The last thing left to do is the garters. Opinions please, should I cover the elastic with the brocade, or just leave them plain black elastic?


  1. I think it looks fine the way it is.

  2. Call me odd, but I like the vintage appeal of just nice elastic with fabulous garter buckles... it'll also lend to the elastic gussets!

    Either way it's a stunning shaper.

  3. I would leave it uncovered, I am thinking it would add more visual interest.