June 4, 2010

this is going to turn into something pretty

I'm waiting for a friend to help fit the mock-up on me. This will eliminate the twisting and looking in a mirror problems I usually have and hopefully make the fitting more accurate.

I'm trying something new this time. With the last pair of stays I altered the pattern, then had to put back in what I took out. This time I sewed the pattern as is with no alterations. I used a 1 inch seam allowance on all the pieces so there is plenty of fabric to make adjustments. Since this bodice laces up the front there will be no gap, that's an inch on each side that I don't have to take away at the waist, so the pattern should work. My biggest worry is how the shoulders will fit.

I have exactly one month to finish this bodice if I want to keep my deadline. Let's hope this fitting goes well.

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