June 26, 2010


Three eyelets in I suffered a hand injury.

I wish there was an exciting story about how it happened, there isn't. Hand sewn eyelets were not at fault, just a casualty. The last stitch I took was Tuesday. I'm debating completing the stays with grommets instead of eyelets so I can keep my deadline. Self imposed or not a deadline is a deadline. Right?


  1. Well, it is not the end of the world if you can't meet the dealine due to injury. Those fingers look swollen - remember RICE rest, ice, compression, elevation.

  2. Ouch! I say, skip your deadline and wait until you can hand-sew the eyelets. Don't make a thing of lesser beauty just to meet an artificial deadline!

  3. I agree with anonymous 2 completely! It's better to have the perfect thing late than a poor alternative on time.

  4. Aww *throws healing-glitter over your hand*
    I hope you'll be better soon, Jo.
    I'd also agree with delaying the deadline. Surely handsewn eyelets are worth it ;)

  5. On the subject of sewn vs. grommets: if you plan to actually USE the thing, sewn eyelets (even gorgeous ones like the end result with practice) don't hold up as well as grommets.
    But for perfection's sake, sewn ones look sooo much better.
    A deadline is only a deadline when the item is desperately needed for an event or purpose. Otherwise you're just sacrificing and will regret later.
    You must weigh your costs, right?

  6. Injury is a perfectly acceptable reason to extend a deadline, especially if it is self imposed.

  7. We'll see how the healing goes, I hate bumping a deadline!