June 16, 2010

instead of sewing eyelets I made hair extensions

I accidentally cut my hair. Or rather, I knowing took the scissors to it myself and now regret it. I fixed it by whipping up some hair extensions.

I bought wavy brown human hair at a local beauty supply and dyed it with Clairol to match my hair. After it dried I ironed the track of sewn hair so it wouldn't have hard kinks from being folded in the original packaging.

I cut the hair into 8 inch sections and folded them in half so the track was doubled and the finished extensions would each be 4 inches wide. I stitched on wig clips. Once they were clipped into my hair I pulled them back into a luxurious loose pony tail.

Voila. Instant long hair. Not bad for just $40.


  1. I do that and use mine all the time to create volume or go for a longer or curly look. I might try doubling the lengths up though so I don't have to use so many rows. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I wouldn't have known that wasn't your hair if you hadn't said but thanks for the tip! Had my hair cut off (earlobe length) yesterday and now look like a twelve year old boy with deep forehead wrinkles. Extensions might just be the saving grace!

  3. Absolutely extraordinary - your invention is truly boundless! You new challenge, however, is to take recycling of materials into elegant things to new levels, though hopefully more rationally than displayed here: http://www.recyclerunway.com/pages/Photos.htm
    Hmm. Not quite convinced of the Toyota electrical wiring look.

  4. The hair just looked to thin to me before it was doubled, Starry. This do was just four extensions clipped in. I don't know where I would have put them all if I had to clip in eight thinner ones.

    My hair is also earlobe length, at it's longest. I was looking like a grumpy 12 year old too Clare. Not any more.

    Ooh, a challenge. Give me time Jonathon. Hopefully I'll come up with something more realistically wearable than those displayed. But I'm inspired!

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