October 1, 2009

small stitches

Still working on the binding. I hit the tabs, and after sewing the binding around one I decided I'm only going around each of those things once. My pseudo backstitching the bias to the stays, then stitching it down separately on the other side, is probably the most labor intensive way of finishing. So I'm leaving the tabs for now and started sewing the other side of the binding down. Here's the inside view.

That looks so sloppy to me. No matter. Here it is from the right side. 

And here you can see the binding pinned in place and the reed I added at the center back poking out near the top.

The center back trim is finished. The reed feels secure in the bias, it only wiggled a bit at one spot, so I think it will add the strength intended. I would have much more completed if I hadn't taken an evening off to pattern a dress. I had to though. I was going blind focusing on those tiny stitches. 


  1. I thinks it's fab the fact you are sharing your work. It is so inspirational and invaluable to many a stitcher. Thank you. x

  2. Hello. The last few days I have been reading through your blog and I love it. I myself made the corset from 1873 in the book(can't remember the page), nine times. It's really great to see different ways of approaching things and examples of different techniques.

    Good luck with your project, I'll be following it with interest.

  3. Hello Dresses at no 9 and Malin! I found I was taking more and more detailed notes on my projects so I could see exactly what I'd done, right and wrong, and I love looking at other's work, it seemed like a good idea to put what I'm doing out there. Thanks for stopping by and I hope soon to have a pretty pair of stays to share!

  4. Binding those stays is SUCH A PAIN!But once you finish a project like that you always feel so good at the end.