October 27, 2009

re-patterned corselet

I can sort of see my usual hip forward slouch just looking at the altered pattern.

Based on your comments (Thank you again for the help!) I took an inch slice out across the back and side. Here it is marked.

The back section was cut out and the pieces taped together. Then I cut the side piece to the front seam.


And blended the seam line using the hip curve.

After I did this I decided 1 inch probably was not enough and took another 1/2 inch out of both pieces, and finally an extra 1/4 inch off the back. Please let this version fit better.


  1. I wandered over from Mr XStitch this morning and I reckon I've read most of your blog today. It's a really fantastic resource. Your attention to deatail is amazing. I've been making period furnishings for a living for nearly 16 years, but I've always been too chicken to try a corset. You've inspired me to have a go.
    A few years ago I made some great swags and tails for a room in Edinburgh castle that would be the perfect backdrop to your 1780's stays!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for dropping by! I suspect making period furnishings is pretty detail oriented, if you can do it well enough to make a living at it then you have the skills needed to make a corset. Make one! And when you do be sure to send me a picture!