October 28, 2009

gingham mock-up

The back fit is much better.

Yea. But the sides still need help.

It's also a little sad when the belly and the bust are the same shape. 

Both sides have the same wrinkle/fold. I was thinking that fold could be caused by the fabric riding up, pulling from below to cover an area that is too tight. I received a comment suggesting that I raise the hip gores to add flair to the high hip, so I'm going to do exactly this. 

See you soon with a 4th mock-up.   

1 comment:

  1. It's not sad at all! I think if you don't have a tummy is when something's wrong. You actually look quite healthy.I found this blog while looking for cosplay ideas and I absolutely love it. You are soooo amazing! :D If i sound immature, it's cause i'm a teen, but wow!