January 27, 2012

1911 - two kinds of seams

Hooray! Today is the halfway point of the sew along! And at last we're sewing! I enjoyed reading what keeps you going when sewing. You know what else motivates me? Seeing the patterns and mock-up posted on our flickr page and feeling part of a group working together. Teamwork and all. So thank you for participating!

There are two kinds of seams I'll go over today, one for those sewing the post Edwardian pattern, the other for the Corsets and Crinolines pattern. More experienced sewers won't need these explanations, but beginners may appreciate them. Either way, you'll want to sew the corset with a shorter stitch length than the mock-up. Aim for 12-14 stitches per inch.

Take your time, you've got all weekend to sew just 8 or 10 seams.


  1. I'm way behind ... have some health issues that are a priority :/

    1. Take care of yourself then pick the project up later when you can. The information will still be here so you can jump back in whenever your ready. Get well soon!

  2. I had so wanted to participate in this wonderful sew-along, but my hands are completely tied by an adorable but rather absorbing three-months-old ...

    However, I enjoy reading along with you guys both for the invaluable information and because I'm curious to see this style of corset on different bodies -- I would have liked to see whether the sleek lines of this era could somehow be made to work for my ridiculous 25" waist - 42" low hip.

    Be sure that I'll save these posts for later, when I have more time! :)