January 10, 2012

1911 - comfort in brassieres

How's the tracing of the patterns onto fabric going? I forgot to mention that after I cut the pieces from the fabric, and clip the notch marks, I flip the pattern pieces over and trace them on the the untraced pieces. Does that make sense? I like all the cut corset pieces to have the pattern nicely delineated because then I don't have to think about seam allowance or where to sew, I can just sew. And for those of you concerned that you're already a bit behind the sew along schedule don't stress. Just keep working, you'll have the weekend to catch up and next week will be an easy one.

This is a segment of an article about corsets and brassieres in the July 14, 1912 edition of the New York Tribune. The full article is filled with advice and descriptions, and amusing lines like "Hip confiners an inexpensive joy."

For those of you looking for more information about the teens era brassiere, or fitted corset cover as it was commonly called, Jennifer Thompson has a couple of pinterest boards with tons of images. She informed me that there is a pattern for a fitted corset cover in the book Edwardian Modiste, which is the second time that pattern has been mentioned (thanks Tielke!). She also said she'd be happy to help with questions about 1910s brassieres. Thank you Jennifer! If you aren't familiar with Jennifer's work visit her website, there are some great costumes and excellent research. Also, she has a 1910's corset pattern!

Tomorrow we'll start sewing so get those machines ready!


  1. Thanks for the mention! I also have another Pinterest board of surviving brassieres and bust improvers: http://pinterest.com/festiveattyre/edwardian-and-1910-s-brassieres/ There are so many fun styles to choose from!

  2. Hi Jo

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean about flipping the pattern pieces over and tracing them on the untraced pieces? Do you mean trace them onto the opposite side of the fabric as well? Thanks

  3. Thank you Jennifer!

    Tristage, yes. Not that each piece is traced on each side, but that the pieces that were on the underside of the fold can have the pattern traced on to them. I should have taken a picture. Dang it!

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