February 3, 2010

marking hook & eye placement

The hook & eyes have to meet right where the seam line would be if the front and side were sewn together. So I can line up the tapes perfectly I thought I'd mark the placement by basting a line of thread on the meeting point of both pieces. 

Taking no chances, I measured the seam line/meeting point with the shuriken so the basting would be accurate. I basted one line three times because I forgot to knot the end of the thread and pulled it out. Twice.
And yea! 100 followers! There is still time to add your name to the list for the tailor's shurkien drawing. Just leave a comment on the original post by midnight, pacific standard time, Thursday February 4th, and you're in.


  1. That tool is just so unbelievably brilliant! Thanks for the ongoing tutorials on its uses :)

  2. As much as I love the name shuriken, does it have a 'real' name, with which one could find a shuriken of one's own?

  3. Oooh my god I never thought to do this. I suppose it wouldn't kill me to buy a BOOK on how to sew corsets, rather than just fumbling around blind like an idiot.

  4. I've found the tailor's shuriken's real name on the Ace Sewing website and will post it when I announce the recipient of the one I'm giving away. I was so sad to learn there is already a name, and a boring one at that.

    Julie, I have tons of books about corsets and I am still fumbling around!

    Christa, it's my pleasure!

  5. Kate:

    Its on amazon. Everything is on that site.


  6. Opps.

    Should read the posts before posting.