February 8, 2010

hook & eye tape - hook side

I am so glad I basted to mark hook & eye placement. I know I would have screwed this up if I hadn't. 

I started by laying the tape on the face side of the corselet, lined up the inside of the hook with the basted line, and noted the distance between the edges since they didn't meet up. Then I pinned the tape to the back side of panel, hooks to the fabric, keeping that same distance between edges. Here it is pinned in place.

And here is a view from the front after sewing the pieces together.

If I did everything correctly, when I folded the tape around the inside of the hooks should line up with the basted line.

Yes. Then the I sewed right next to the hooks.

After tucking the loose edge of the tape under, pressing, and pinning, I stitched one more time, right next to the other side of the hooks.

Yea. On to the eyes.


  1. My goodness, my heart is pounding just looking at those photos - I can only imagine how much pacing it would take to gather the courage to sew that close to metal - I have visions of many needles shattering

  2. It was slow going. Amazingly I only hit metal three or four times. But I was moving slow enough that I had time to adjust the fabric a bit so there there would be no flying needles. Whew.