January 29, 2010

a more difficult flat felled seam

The first seam sewn on the 1925 corselet was the center back. There was a curve, but the pieces mirrored each other so they were easy to line up. But the front and side pieces have opposing curves that had to be lined up. Time to baste. 

I pinned like crazy and used silk thread to baste the pieces together. Then I followed the same steps I did for the last seam and it worked. The seam came together just like it was supposed to.

That is a curved seam over the hip. Whew. And look at that, the pattern matches up too. When cutting the fabric I laid the front and side pieces out, eyeballing the placement on the design, to make it flow between pieces. It had been so long between cutting and sewing I'd forgotten I'd done that, what a pleasant surprise.

On to the elastic gores. I'm gritting my teeth as I type, a little stressed just thinking about them.


  1. I think it will look gorgeous when done. The flatfelled seams are very neat and nice indeed. Thanks for sharing, I'm learning new techniques all the time reading your blog =)

  2. That is one nice looking seem.

  3. But you got the elastic, right?

    You know, I forgot to mention earlier... but I've also lined up and stitched several widths together in bands, just overlapping as I go... could be an option that might lend an interesting look.

  4. I love this fabric. And I'm v v impressed with the pattern matching - it looks amazing.

  5. Wow. Look at how you've matched up the pattern pieces. That is flawless!

  6. Malin, what a nice thing to say. Thanks! Imblebee, the elastic, a tragedy. I'll exaggerating, but no, I ended not getting the elastic. But I absolutely love the idea of overlapping bands. Too late though. And thanks Clare and Nathalie! I too am pleased with how it's coming together.