January 14, 2010

gore elastic

The elastic issues. I could not find elastic wide enough to stretch in the proper direction, meaning when sewn it would stretch side to side instead of up and down. But I could find a poly/spandex blend stretch fabric. 

Yes, it's already hemmed. That's because it's from an all-in-one body shaper. Am I cheating?


  1. I know I can get wide elastic here in nyc. Not sure about black... but I know I have seen it. What width do you need?

  2. As long as you're happy with it, go for it!

    http://www.greenberg-hammer.com/images/GH_catalogue_part_1.pdf has girdle elastic, which is 22", though, if you want to go in that direction.


  3. Thank you Lydia for the link! I'll check it out. And thanks for the offer imblebee! I'll let you know. I went through shop after shop in the fashion district in LA and could find wide enough elastic in white, but black has been tough. I'd rather have real elastic over spandex, but at the same time I'd kind like to keep sewing. It's always something isn't it?

  4. Greenberg & Hammer is who I was going to suggest. There are one or two others that might have what you need as well.

    In a pinch you could also cover the white girdle elastic with the fashion fabric. It might make for an interesting "corded-like" look.

  5. I just found 12" in black for $9.99/yd

  6. Imblelee, you are amazing! Where?