July 5, 2009

still flossing

Flossing is making this corset look surprisingly fancy.

I stitched several samples an decided this literal Eiffel Tower interpretation was too much.

Over the top, right? But I felt I needed something just a little over the top for a Gilded Age corset. I had a limited amount of embroidery floss so I worked out the design I used so I could get the most effect from the the minimum amount of thread. Here's the diagram.

Now all I need to do is add the ribbon for the laces!!!


  1. Ooh, ever closer, I'm really excited for seeing this one finished! I actually really liked the Eiffel Tower flossing, but it is *very* OTT as you said :-)

  2. The literal Eiffel Tower would not have been too much. I love it. But your design is very pretty as well.

  3. Oh my goodness! How pretty!!!
    Might there be a diagram for that glorious Eiffel Tower?
    *is envious of the mad sewing and flossing skills*