July 2, 2009

flossing begins

Embroidering through multiple layers of coutil is more like repeated stabbing than stitching. It doesn't look too bad from about 4 or 5 feet away. Not perfect, but not terrible either. But it's moving along.

The tailor's shuriken has been vital in keeping the triangles a consistent width.

I ran the thread through beeswax and I haven't had a tangle up yet. Look at the difference between the two threads on the right, just separated from 6 strand embroidery floss, and the two on the left, which have pulled through beeswax.

I was concerned the wax would make the thread all gunky and it would dirty the fabric, but nope, it just smoothes it. Neat.


  1. Did you iron the threads (through a bag or cloth) after you bees waxed them? That's a tip that I was given.

  2. Whoops! I didn't realize there was another step needed. Thanks for the tip! I'll do that on the Xs and compare. Thanks again!

  3. Hello. I have just come across your blog (looking for spoon busks) and am completely hooked. I sew corsets and stays for my co-workers as historical interpreters (1830s, 1880s) and would love to talk corsets sometime. My email is jur1995 at yahoo dot com...
    Thanks. And your pattern-making and cutting makes me swoon a little...