July 14, 2009

patterning the stays

This was the quickest patterning ever. After enlarging the pattern, 200% then 200% again,

I guessed the bust and waist lines to figure out the bust and waist measurements. Very little adjustment was needed. All I did was take a little off the side seam of the front piece and blend it into the point at center front. 

I trued the seams, added notches, and boom. Done.

It's already time for the mock-up.


  1. Wow, you're really making corset after corset aren't you? :D

    I think I dreamt about 18th century corsets a few nights ago because of this post. I don't know what they did, I just remembered later on in the day that they were there. Weird. ;)

    Good luck!

  2. I love that this project is inspiring corset dreams!

  3. How are the measurements compared to your own size? Are there a lot of minus in the waist and over the bust?

    1. This pattern was fairly close to my own measurements width wise, so there weren't major changes.