January 29, 2012

corset nerves

Sewing the real corset is always different than sewing the mock-up.

Even though I've pretty much gone through all the steps needed to make the corset, when I sit down at the machine to begin constructing the finished piece I tense up. Knowing it counts makes it more difficult. If you are sewing along with me don't fall victim to corset nerves! They will make you not only nervous, but hyper critical and prevent you from moving forward. Just keep stitching.


  1. I notice my nerves in sewing is usually directly proportional to how much the fabric costs, how much extra I have, and if it was hard to get.

  2. My brother always gets worried when I'm sewing for him, especially if I'm yelling a lot. But I always say the more I scream, the more amazing it'll turn out :)

  3. For me it is always sewing for clients. Even after years of experience, muslins and a LOT of pieces under my belt, sending off the finished piece makes me nervous. Still.

    I have yet to cut my fashion fabric. I cut out the coutil, and adjusted the seam allowance down to 1/2" (I had redrafted the pattern with 5/8" seam allowances out of dressmaker habit) while watching Downton Abbey last night. I have been trying to decide which direction to point the stripes on the hip gores. Since the piece will be backed with coutil, I was considering placing the fashion fabric layer on the bias or having the stripes point horizontally. Hopefully tomorrow I will be decided and caught up, and the sun will be out for good light for photos!

  4. Arranging stripes takes me forever too. And if they are expensive strips it takes even longer.

  5. Not too expensive, but I did have to go back and get more. If I had only added 2" to the pattern pieces, it would have fit, but I ended up adding 3.5" total to the top and bottom; this was after purchasing .25 yard extra. I should have known, as I am long waisted. Now I can make bias binding too if I decide that's what it needs.

  6. I am right at this stage, "Corset Nerves" couldn't have said it better myself. I think I'll clean the house a little first.

    1. That cleaning can wait. Keep sewing!