October 2, 2012

rebel chic

My enthusiasm for books I've purchased has been documented. So you can image how thrilling it is when I've had some involvement in the production of a book.

Katharine Hepburn: Rebel Chic, written by Jean Druesedow, director of the Kent State University Museum, is being released today. It celebrates the unique style of Katharine Hepburn. In addition to essays contributed by top fashion historians, it also contains never before seen images of her costumes and personal wardrobe. Many photographed by me!

Let me show you my favorite photo in the book.

That is the make up case of some one who was very aware of her appearance, all the while cleverly convincing the public that she couldn't care less. The book is filled with wonderful publicity and behind-the-scenes images. Fans of Katharine Hepburn will of course find plenty to enjoy about the book. But so will those interested in costume design and of course those who love Hollywood's Golden Era.

If I owned a pair of khakis I'd wear them to today to celebrate her sense of style, but I don't. I'm not nearly as sensible as Miss Hepburn.


  1. This looks quite interesting and how neat that you got to work on it! Once when I had my picture done, one of the angles made me look like Katherine Hepburn. I was a poor, poor college student then and didn't think to buy that photograph. =( Since then I became a bit of a KH fan!

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