October 4, 2012

getting my eyelet mojo back

The eyelet-a-lunch-break plan is working. You can see it took a few days before I regained lost eyelet skills.

The eyelet on the left is the first one done after a two year break. (Two years?! Yikes.) It's pretty sad, but yesterday's eyelet, on the right, is a perfect little wagon wheel. Thanks for all the words of encouragement!


  1. Very tidy!

    I used to use blanket stitch on my eyelets, but I switched to just a plain whipstitch at some point - it takes less time, is also accurate, and you don't have to deal with the outer bits "falling in".

    1. I'd thought about whipstitching so things would move along quicker, but since I'd already done a few with the blanket stitch I figured just keep going as is. I'm getting better at preventing the fall in, I hope it stays that way.

  2. They look awesome! Nice job!


  3. They are definitely getting better, the most recent one is perfect. I've really must attempt eyeleting by hand, these look lovely. And your one a day plan makes it seem a lot less scary.

  4. How's it going? Do you have a whole side done yet? Can we see pictures???


  5. Great job on the eyelets! Hand stitched eyelets drive me bonkers. I can't stand it if they're not all perfectly even. I have nominated you for an Inspiring Blogger Award.