August 22, 2012

paper wigs

It's so fun when craftiness and research come together.

This is a paper wig I made to complete the look for the 18th century gown displayed in the Fashion Timeline exhibit at the Kent State University Museum.  Such a pretty gown deserves pretty hair, right? The wig looked large and over-the-top in the workshop, but when it was put on the dressed mannequin it was missing something. It need a bit more sparkle. So I made a paper feather and bow and as soon I set them on the wig the 'do looked finished. You can see more of the paper wigs on museum's blog!


  1. Amazing work! Pretty incredible the sculptural effects of paper and fabric!

  2. wow thanks for sharing this great work! had no idea things like this were possible!

  3. These are great! Must have been a blast to make.

  4. I remember seeing paper wigs at the LACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibit a few years back and wishing I knew how to make one. Any tips you can share?

    1. The next time I make one I'll take pictures during the process so I can share more detailed information. Until then, it helps to cut the untwisted strips of paper in a few different widths before curling that way the curls are varied and look more natural. Also, this wasn't the only wig to look small once it was on the mannequin, so when you think it's too much it's probably just right.

  5. That looks *fabulous*! Please do share pics next time you make one :)