May 23, 2011

putting the layers together

Before sewing the layers together I basted a waist tape to the interior layer.

That is a rather narrow ribbon to be using as a waist tape. I have plenty of wider grosgrain, in a few lovely colors, but the only white ribbon happens to be 1 centimeter wide. It's better than nothing. So, I laid the two layers together face-to-face and stitched together along the center back. After pressing the seam allowances open I flipped the whole thing right side out. Here are the layers mid-flip.

Isn't that gorgeous? Does anyone else see a hint of Georgia O'Keefe in that picture?


  1. IMO, a narrow waist tape is still better than no waist tape! That is a fascinating picture of the "midflip".

  2. I am delighted by his work! Congratulations, it is highly inspiring.

  3. Have you got Automatic White Balance on your camera, if so could set it for sunlight and it will give you a nice white photo, or you can take the blue out in photo editor really easily. Sorry to be a pain but I have worked in bad lighting in historic houses for too long. Love your blog, and that ditch stitch, so beautifully done. How far through the book are you now?