May 25, 2011

lining the seams up

It was fairly easy to align the seams of the interior and exterior layers, it's keeping them that way when sewing the layers together that's the problem. Here's what I'm doing to keep things in line. I laid the corset flat and pressed my finger on the seam, the allowances for the interior are pressed in one direction and the exterior in the opposite direction so it felt smooth when they lined up, I could feel bulk to one side when the they weren't. I pinned as I went then double checked the alignment by holding the corset to the light.

All good. Just pinning in place has never worked for me when I've tried to sew layers together so the seams all will be basted.

Fortunately this corset doesn't have a crazy number of pieces. Only five more seams to go!


  1. I applaud your ability to resist taking shortcuts!

  2. pointing the excess allowances in opposite directions makes so much sense, here! i'm sure the seams will look wonderfuly smooth, and it also seems like a really strong construction method to be using.

  3. That's how quilters do it, too. It really helps match up the seams!
    I'm excited to see this corset come together :)

  4. Shortcuts always come back to haunt me when making corsets. Might as well do it right the first time, right?

  5. Ah hah! That's how you do it! I'm still not sure it is less time consuming than my method though, will have to try them both on the same pattern and see which works better.

    Thanks so much for answering my question and posting about this :-)