May 29, 2010

more packages

The garments I sent to New York to be a part of the conference Underpinnings: The Evolution of Underwear from the Middle Ages through Early Modernity at Binghamton University were returned to me.

Even though the boxes were filled with things I had made it was still fun to open them up. It felt like Christmas. The people at the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Binghamton took such good care of everything I sent them. As anyone who has participated in events and had their work carelessly handled or lost knows, it is a pleasure to work with people who appreciate your contributions and take the time to properly care for the items you share with them. Thank you to Heather and the rest of the team at Binghamton!


  1. Hi Jo,

    I would love it if you could send me images of your ca 1910 corset. I can't send you an e-mail because of my computer (it's complicated) but you can email me at thedreamstress at yahoo dot com.

    Thank you!

    Lady D

  2. Those stays are absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  3. I think I would squee over receiving a package with such beautiful stays in it, even if I *had* made them.

  4. I don't know how but this totally passed me by... how exciting to take part in such an event! And those stays do look beautiful, nestling in their tissue... why is unwrapping such fun?

    Well done, and keep on making stunning corsets :-)