May 8, 2010

cotton lace and more foundations revealed

Remember the other projects I mentioned? Here's one of them.

That's the top edge of a reproduction of an antique, post Edwardian, corset that I patterned and sewed. I've written an article about it for Foundations Revealed that will be published this June. Yea.

It's also the first corset that I've ever put something purely decorative on. I'd been on the look out for the perfect cotton lace and found it in a little shop in Rome, Passamaneria per l'arredamento, that was packed floor to ceiling with the prettiest ribbons, lace, and trims. Everything was tempting, but I decided to purchase only the 1 meter of lace I needed. Now that I'm far from that shop I wish I had purchased more items. I'm suffering from non buyer's remorse.


  1. O-M-G women! Don't show that to A, a shop-acholic B, a lace-acholic or C, anything-that-glitters-acholic. Damn, now I want to go to Rome. =(

    P.S. LOVE your corsets, L-O-V-E!