March 5, 2012

1911 - flossing front and back

The flossing is done, which means the corset is done. Yea. Today I have some up close flossing pictures to share with you. Flossing seen from the front of the corset,

and from inside.

The stitches were done according to my diagram, the only difference is I did round the bottom edge instead of stitching straight across. I tell myself the irregularity of stitches from the interior lets you know a human made this corset, not a machine. I like the arrows to point toward the waist, leading the eye up and toward the center of the body rather than directing it outward.

Flossing is a hand killer, kudos to all of you who added it to your sew along corsets. Did you embroider with a hot water bottle nearby to rest your weary hand on like I did?


  1. I used my Japanese thimble. I made it, and it's not very pretty, but it does the job. Without it, I would never have made it!

  2. Yes thimbles are a must! I broke 5 needles doing the flossing!