December 7, 2011

christmas, a couple weeks early

A package arrived today.

When I opened it I found this.

The 1650 bodice! And wrapped in packing paper was this.

The 1925 corselet! There was a reason I couldn't find these, they were still in California! I had planned to take them with me when I drove to my new home across the country, but space was tight in my tiny car and I left a few boxes behind. A shout out to Lisa, the best friend anyone could have, who found this box and sent it my way. Thanks Lisa! I miss you!

The grommets are set in the 1844 corset, it's ready for gore fitting this weekend.

Then I'll tie up the loose ends of the corselet and it can move to the completed pile. That means I should have two finished corsets by the end of the year!


  1. Wonderful news that they were found! You've got to love Lisa!

  2. Oh fantastic! Can't wait to see finished corselet.

  3. Hooray! I can't imagine working that hard on something only to find it lost. I'm glad they turned up!

  4. I'd given them up for gone. I'm so happy they were found!

  5. <3 You are most welcome. We will be at Lola's later for some Mole and will raise a glass to you, come back soon. Lisa and Two d's x

  6. Ha, a little Christmas happy for you that they are found - starting them over would be hard!

  7. Wow! I'm so in awe of this project, as a long term corset devotee I wouldn't even know how to begin making one. Serious respect to you lady!


  8. The troubles of moving....So pleased that all that work isn't gone!!