July 25, 2011

channels sewn

I finally managed to get the channels for the bones sewn. I sewed 3/8 inch channels on both sides of the seam using a mystery foot that came with my machine as a measuring guide.
Does anyone know what this foot is designed for?

Normally I grade all seam allowances but this time I didn't because I'm using them as bones casings. The seam allowances are 1/2 inch wide and the channels are 3/8 so the bones will sit between 4 layers of fabric. Here's a backlit picture that clearly shows the construction.

The narrow horizontal shadow near the top is the waist tape and the wider vertical shadow is the center front where the busk will be. I made one silly mistake when sewing the channels. I sewed the channels along the center back and realized I forgot to insert another layer of fabric so the grommets have something to grab on to. The linen is so light I'm afraid they'll just fall out without a little more bulk, but now I have very little room to maneuver fabric in that last panel. Has anyone else done this? Any suggestions as to how to solve it?


  1. Hi I looked up your foot (Singer part no. 160625) and this webpagedescribes it as:

    "Edge Stitcher, Singer #160625: sews lace together with a very narrow seam, also sews piping, folded bias tape, or military braid. Stitches wide hems, makes French seams, sews tucks."


  2. If you can find them, you could purchase a "lacing stay" from Laci's online; it's boning that has holes drilled in it for grommets. It takes a slightly smaller grommet than I usually use, but it's super sturdy. Their website sucks, but the lacing stay is halfway down on the www.lacis.com/catalog page. Go to Costumes -> Busks and they're called Lacing Stays.

  3. What about a strip of twill tape to support the grommets?

  4. Visual instructions for the use of your mystery foot, an edgestitcher


    I was also going to suggest the twill tape.

  5. Claire you're so smart! Why didn't I think of researching the number on the foot? Channel stitching guide needs to be added to its list of skill set.

    That lacing stay looks a bit more heavy duty than I think I need for this corset, but thanks for the link KittyMommy, something to keep in mind for other projects.

    I like the twill tape idea. Thanks for the suggestion Crikey Aphrodite and Ginny!

  6. i was going to also suggest the twill tape method, i saw it on Sidney Eileen's blog, which is what led me to you, her method is in this tutorial http://sidneyeileen.com/tutorials/sewing/corset-making/basic-coutil/ under the "Prepare the Grommet Area" section

  7. All my suggestions have already been made - I'd solve it with lacing stays (seriously the best thing ever, and not too heavy) or with an extra layer of twill tape. Or by unpicking my stitching and adding more fabric - way easier than dealing with the grommets falling out later!