June 8, 2011

gore quilting

I've decided to quilt the gores, or godets, whatever your preferred term is. Below is the test quilting.
On the left is the just the two layers of linen stitched together, on the right there is another layer of the same linen sandwiched between the other two layers.

Big difference, right? In addition to looking better that extra layer of fabric on the right helps add a lot of structural support too. So the next steps are, quilting the gores, sewing the bone channels, putting the grommets in for the lacing, inserting the bones, then the final fitting for the bust gores.

I've been worried that this corset will look boring since it will be all white and had considered using a contrasting color thread and bone channels. But now I'm leaning to all white. Thoughts?


  1. I'm all for monochromatic schemes, myself. Since you're adding all the extra quilting, it might look too busy if you go for a contrasting color. I would say that if you go for a different color, don't make it too dark, but my vote is all white!

    I can't wait to see the finished piece!

  2. I think that the all white has a very high-end feel with the quilting.

  3. I believe that gore refers to a piece of fabric inserted into the top of a garment and godet refers to the pieces inserted into the bottom.

  4. The white stitching on white looks classic and stylish (think Kate Middleton's wedding dress :)). Can't wait to see the finished product

  5. I like the all white idea. I've done contrast stitching on a couple of corsets and it just highlights places where my stitching isn't perfectly straight.

  6. I think contrasting color thread are good for bone channel it will look okay if you sew with light colors...
    Thanks for the Post!!!

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