January 21, 2011

experiencing technical difficulties

Oh no!
Oh no! After over five years of wonderful service my laptop has died. I knew it was coming. It doesn't make it any easier. Hopefully this won't cause a huge disruption in my already sproradic posting, but I thought I warn you in case there is a gap. I'll be back soon!


  1. Oh no! Hope it's back and running soon!

  2. Noo ): I want more corsets!I really like your work.

  3. I don't make corsets, but did want to mention that my laptop died on the 12th after over five years of wonderful service also! I too knew it was coming, but hoped it would last many months longer.

  4. I can't wait to see how your 1800's corset is progressing :) I love following your blog!

  5. Stupid laptop, I hope you can post again soon.

    In the meantime and because I love your blog so much, I tagged you with the "Most-fave-blog" award.
    Read everything about it here