December 20, 2010

post edwardian corset on the body

Thank you for all the compliments about the Titanic era corset. How nice!

I had a request for an image of the corset on a person to see how it sits on a body as opposed to a dress form. Good idea.

The top edge of corset sits below the bust and the bottom edge skirts the very top of the thighs. Look at that curve down the back! I love that line. Here is a view from the front.

Such a smooth, long line, silhouette. Even with the hips completely covered the model could jump around because the center front is open below the busk allowing a good range of motion. The original had a hook & eye placed 1/4 inch below the busk, which I eliminated on the reproduction. Had I included it I don't believe it would have closed the front enough to significantly hinder movement.

I haven't worn this corset myself so I can't give more information about how it wears. I should make an effort to do that. But first I'll try to get some more sewing done on the 1844 linen corset.


  1. Lovely work, and I am curious how the mattress ticking will hold up to wear.

  2. It is interesting to see this corset on a modern body. I've heard from costumers that it is difficult to achieve true to an era silhouettes because the modern body has not been corseted from a young age and cannot be cinched in as tightly without great discomfort. Mostly they try to achieve similar lines.
    You've done a wonderful job. Love that mattress ticking.

  3. What a gorgeous shape. Interesting to know that it allows movement despite extending so far down.

  4. That is lovely!
    I think also that the hobble skirts worn during this era would have more impact on hampering movement than the actual corsets - the 50 year old that I dressed in a 1912 corset was up a ladder the first time I saw her in it....but she wasn't wearing the outer garments!

  5. Vande, I agree. Those skirts were movement hinderers. Troublemakers.

    Clare, the model still wasn't bending at the waist, but it was cute to see her springing about.

    Ingrid, I believe the costumers are probably right. Even more than small waists I notice such small shoulders in old garments. Ladies must have never lifted anything to have had such narrow shoulders. There is no way way a costumer can achieve that,

    dfr2010, I'll let you know how the ticking hold up. I imagine it should wear well, it's sturdy stuff.

  6. Thank you for that, wonderful images, now I understand so much more about the posture and silhouette of this era, and also understand how Lillie Langtry managed to jog around the park as she was known to do to keep fit and youthful.

  7. I would like to get this corset made for me but in solid White, where can I get it made??

  8. What pattern did you use for the chemise and pants?

  9. The chemise is actually just pajamas I found in the lingerie department of Macy's. It was not at all expensive and works perfectly!

  10. Hello!
    Wonderful job! Do you sell your creations?
    Or maybe take commissions/orders?

    1. Hello Audrey,
      I don't take commission or sell the finished corsets. Thank you for your interest though!