November 22, 2010

ready to trace & which side is up

The pattern is ready to go.

Before I trace it onto the fabric I have to decide which side will be the face. From one side the weft threads float on the surface making the flower motif recede, or appear darker on a light background.

From the other the floats create the design, bringing it forward so it appears lighter on a dark background.

I'm leaning toward the lighter flower on darker background because that means more of the longer floating threads will be on the interior and thus less prone to snagging on something. But is there a preferred side to use?


  1. I'm not seeing the floats, but I agree that the lighter flower appears to be the "right side" of the fabric.

  2. I agree with you on both counts!

  3. I also think the lighter flower route would be the one I would take. less snagging is always a bonus, but mostly I just think it looks nicest that way; that side looks more polished, somehow.

  4. Seems to me that using both sides would solve the issue - some pieces with light flowers, some with darker ones. Pretty corset on each side.

    :) Linda

  5. I'm pretty sure that light on dark is the technical 'right' side, but whatever makes you happy is always good!