August 27, 2010

must move forward

I have double checked the box marked "corsets" for the 1650's bodice.

There were several other corsets and stays, but no partially finished bodice.

This means I packed it with something else, which probably seemed very wise at the time. I'm ready to get back to sewing, so I can either frantically search through everything again and not take another stitch until I find the bodice, or I can begin work on the next corset. This does mean I'll have an unfinished project hanging over my head, but I know I'll eventually find that bodice. I'll decide it's time to reassemble the Venetian chandelier and there the bodice will be, wrapped in tissue paper hiding beneath the top layer of bubble pack. Until then, onward.


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  2. I know how you feel. I lost my primary corset for three weeks only to find it under a pile of costumes I'd searched four times. Organization never seems to be quite sufficient to give you what you actually _need_.

    I hope the rest of your unpacking goes well!