April 21, 2010

garters attached

Still not finished! The garters have been sewn on, but there is a lot of hand finishing to do. 

The garters were attached the same way the shoulder straps were. But because of the elastic gores, and the bulk of the seams one each side of them, it was not possible to just sew the bias binding on with just the machine. Here is a close up of the trim near the bottom edge by the gore.

If I want the tucked under ends to look nice I have to sew them by hand. I also still have to backstitch the elastic to the corselet. And I added a couple extra garters too. The pattern calls for four, but I'm using six. I'm heeding the advice given by Mary Brooks Picken in Corsets and Close Fitting Patterns for corsets for full-hip figures. "The person possessing a full-hip figure should have several elastics attached to her corset so as to fasten it down, the elastics should be secured to the hose so as to avoid any break at the bottom of the corset." Not only will several elastics prevent a break at the bottom of the corset, they will keep it from riding up over those full hips. I have a feeling with this corselet I need all the help anchoring that bottom edge down that I can get.

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