April 7, 2010

embroidery floss to the rescue

I thought I had set up scheduled posts to run while I was traveling, but clearly I'm not as post savvy as I thought. Brother. 

I have to share how crafting saved the day during my trip. I've carried the same bag for years and have never had to check it. But this time I was told I must, and when I picked it up at baggage claim the handle was broken. So sad. I used the wait time at Gatwick to wax and braid embroidery floss to craft a cord to replace the missing metal ring. 

That emergency fix held my bag, packed to 13 kilos, together for 11 days. Three cheers for embroidery floss. I'll post the project that the brown floss was used for later. Now, back to the corselet. Really!


  1. Clever trick! Hope you enjoyed your travels despite the baggage incident.

  2. But wait!
    How did you wax the floss ... and in an aeroport, no less?!
    Now, there's a story I am sure!

  3. I brought a small cake of beeswax with me in case I decided to wax the embroidery floss for the project I was working on, so it was handy, but I think it really helped the threads hold snug while I was braiding so the rope would be as strong as possible. The real drama was that because of the British Airways strike connecting flights were canceled and I had to spend the night in the airport giving me nothing but time to craft.

  4. That sounds like craft Heaven but normal people Hell all at the same time!