July 5, 2010

a skirt in a day

I made this skirt a while ago and thought I'd share it.

The fabric is denim pulled from a $2 a pound bin and the pattern was the easiest pattern ever. Vogue 6702.

I'm not certain what year it was published. The original price was 40¢, the pattern was for only one size, and pieces were precut. And look how the pieces were marked.

Somehow futuristic and old-y time-y at the same time. I'm thinking maybe the later 1940's. Any guesses out there?


  1. That has such a nice fall to it! I can't believe that you can buy fabric by weight - I am pretty sure here we can only do that for rags.....

  2. The style and the font on the pattern say late 1940's...gorgeous skirt. Something to move in!

  3. I like your skirt. Nice fabric choice, even if it is just a wearable muslin.

  4. Lovely skirt! I really like the shape. This is the kind of piece that I'd wear all the time. I might look for this pattern.
    Judging by the shape and non-printed pattern I'd say it's from the 40's also. I have a slip pattern from that decade and it's not printed either.

  5. Wow, I could find no internet record on this pattern anywhere! Please add it to the VintagePattern.Wiki.

  6. Thanks Rebecca!

    lholo-chan, it is the kind of piece that gets worn all the time. My friends are probablyu already tired of seeing it.

    Ooh, I hadn't thought about Vintage Pattern Wiki. Thanks Isaspacey, that's a good idea!

  7. That skirt is amazing! I don't usually try longer lengths but it looks great. I want it of course....I checked CoPA and they don't have it, but it falls in the range for 1949 by number. Which sounds right to me. Can't wait to see the next one!

  8. Ooh, Michael Levine's $2/lb Loft... How I miss thee.

    I was based out of LA for three years of grad school but have been back in New York for several years now. I'm still glad to be back home, though.

    By the way, have you discovered California Millinery Supply? They are amazing. You should go. http://www.californiamillinery.net (their website completely blows by the way and hasn't been updated perhaps ever) I believe it's on Spring between 7th and 8th. You'll love it. They're chocker block full of trims, ribbons, flowers, etc. some that hasn't seen the light of day since the 20s... it's really amazing.