May 27, 2010

look what just arrived!

Twenty five meters of 13mm German plastic boning!

I ordered it from Vogue Fabrics at 10 pm Monday, and here it is Wednesday afternoon. Wow. I'll probably use cane for the mock-up because it's cheaper, but it will be good to have the best possible whalebone substitute I can find for the finished piece. Silly whales. Why did you have to be so useful for fashions and cosmetics so we hunted you to near extinction?


  1. I think it was the heating oil that did it. The black gold of the time...

  2. The foremost use of whale oil was for lamps. Some of the species of whales they hunted didn't even have baleen for umbrellas, corset stays, etc. (e.g. sperm whales, although they produced ambergris which was highly sought after for making perfumes). I knew reading Moby Dick in its entirety would pay off some day! ^_^