February 8, 2011

how nice

I have the coolest readers. It shouldn't have taken an award from a fellow blogger to make me take the time to say that, but it did. Lizzi, who blogs at squelchbaker blogs was so kind to award me the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks Lizzi! And Cao over at A Tailor to Become named me as a Leibster Blog, which translates from German as Favorite Blog, so thanks Cao! And thanks to all of you who follow this obscure pursuit of mine and help me along with your encouraging words and advice.

The Stylish Blogger award requires that I mention a few things about myself and both require that I mention a few other blogs worthy of these distinctive honors. I tend to stick to sewing with this blog so this is a great opportunity for me to share a bit more about myself.

1- I love SPAM.

2- I hate the shoes Princess Diana wore on her wedding day.

3- My father says I should stop using the words love and hate so casually, they should be used only for things that are really worthy of true meaning of the words. I think Spam and Princess Diana's shoes both qualify.

4- I collect found grocery lists. That weird person you've seen scanning the entire row of shopping carts instead of going straight to the end of the row to find one is me.

5- A few years ago I won a 4th place ribbon in the Ohio State Fair cookie competition for my biscotti recipe. 4th place merely whet my appetite for a blue ribbon and I won't stop baking until I walk away with one. To all Ohio oatmeal cookie makers and gingerbread house builders, the game is on.

6- I love the documentary Grey Gardens but worry I'll become Little Edie Beale. Why? Maybe it's because it's cold in my house so lately I can be found wearing an old mink coat indoors.

a fabulous Albert Maysles photograph

Maybe because I also use cans instead of vases for flowers. And maybe it's because one day I opened the laundry basket and found this.

Seven baby 'possums. An opossum snuck in through the cat door in the middle of the night and and tried to make a home in my bedroom. I heard her and chased her out but the babies were still nice and snug inside. Opossoms/raccoons, what's the difference? I didn't feed those little guys though. Edie would have.

7- When in doubt add more glitter. Just a rule I live by when applying glitter to things.

I'm choosing three blogs worth visiting, all are Stylish and Liebster.

Male Pattern Boldness - I love checking in to see what Peter is sewing. His posts are always fun to read and he has gorgeous sewing machines. He's stylish, his cousin is stylish, even his dogs are stylish. Plus, he inspires me because he says he says he needs try to sew slower. Sew slower! The exact opposite of what I need to do. I want some of what Peter has.

Petit Main Savage - Laurinan patterns and sews all sort of intimidating things like coats and blazers. And she looks chic just standing next to a wall.

Marieunet - Marie-Claire posts the hippest stuff. Whether it's a photograph, a film clip, or one of her own drawings, it always feels like I'm hanging out with the cool kids when I drop by her blog.

Thanks again to all of you who read Bridges on the Body!


  1. You are definitely worthy of both awards!

  2. What happened to the baby opossums?

  3. Congrats....and I would have fed the opossums - but I am probably closer to the 'Edie' ideal with the newspaper and flowers.....

  4. I carried the basket outside and set it in the shade, the momma 'possum was there five minutes later. She climbed inside and the little ones crawled on her back then she waddled away. I put a piece of plywood over the cat door to prevent future visits.

  5. De-lurking to say I have been reading your blog for sometime now. Congratulations on your awards!

    Shopping lists and possums, who'd a thought it! I shall now start collecting shopping lists....we already have possums in the roof space (not in the laundry basket .....yet).

  6. Well done on getting the awards. I work in a supper-market in the holidays and also have quite a collection of shopping lists left by people, I love them, such random inserts of peoples lives.

  7. Thank you ^^ I'm glad you like my blog!

  8. I love your blog. This post made me giggle!

    I hope no one ever finds my grocery lists as I am the worst speller on the planet and would be mortified!!

    I hated Lady Di's dress. {ducks for cover} I don't think I've ever said that "out loud"! Even as a little girl I remember thinking..."She's marrying a PRINCE and thats all she could come up with?"

    I hated Michelle Obama's bed spread she wore to the inaugural (I had to look that up) ball as well. I supose I prefer a more simple, sleek line as opposed to all that fluff!