February 4, 2010

closer to reality

A week and a half ago I wrote about what I aspire to. This is my reality, after tidying and make up.

Hunkered down over the machine, glasses on, hair pulled back, and yes, that is a bicycle in the background. My workspace doubles as a garage. A washer and dryer are close to my left, and the camera is propped on the ironing board which sits directly in front of the Singer. All in all, not a bad set up, it could be much worse. The first corset I ever sewed was done with a portable machine sitting on the floor. This workspace is a dream compared to that. There is a window above the washer and dryer so I do get daylight, and wait, I hear birds chirping in the distance. Not a bad set up at all.

The tailor's shuriken drawing entry cut off is midnight tonight. There is still time to participate. Just leave a comment on the original post and your name will be in the mix.


  1. a serene but more modern set-up! That Singer looks nice and sturdy.

  2. You look so you - totally immersered in what you are doing. I love the description of your work space.

  3. The Singer is study. I love that machine!

    Immersed, yes, typical. I took two pictures, this was the one with my brow less furrowed in concentration.