April 26, 2009

everything that can go wrong

Did I say there was no whining in corsetry? I was wrong. To prevent ranting I will simply list the difficulties encountered when I assembled the pieces for a quick fitting.

• After laying the pieces out, and all were present and accounted for, one piece went AWOL. Where did it go? Who knows? After a thorough search of the house and the garage no piece turned up. Fortunately, there was enough adia cloth to cut another piece, but there is no more should another piece go missing.

• I thought I measured every pattern edge to make sure the seam lines were the same length. I discovered when pinning the pieces 2 and 3 together I did not. There was almost a 3/8 inch difference between the two. With no more fabric to cut new pieces from I pinned from the waist up, leaving the excess at the top, (The edges from the waist down were the same length.) and will reshape the top edge once the corset is tried on.

• I discover as I’m lacing myself in that I sewed one of the lacing strips over the seam on the piece next to it. So I must pick out the stitching. (Thankfully it was basted in, not sewn at 12-14 stitches per inch.) This involves hunching over a twisted-around-the-body, laced corset. After pinning the lacing strip in place I forge ahead.

• I twist the corset back so it sits properly and realize I forgot to baste bone channels on. The whole contraption is crunchy and wrinkling, and it’s impossible to tell whether it fits well or not.

• I grab the camera to document the ill fitting monstrosity and after one out of focus shot the battery dies.

• Frustrated and hungry, I manage to tangle the lacing in a knot, and break into a nervous sweat as I think this is my own private Hell and I’ll be stuck twisting in this fabric cage for eternity.

• A deep breath later I manage to untie the knot. I take the corset off, and as I set it down I see my cat has been sitting on the corded pieces, leaving a spot of dirt on one.

It's at this point I decided vodka was the solution to my problems and poured a shot of Grey Goose over watermelon granita I'd made the night before. Tomorrow I'll sew again.

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  1. Sounds like one of my "making corsets" projects.. I feel your pain :)